Sacred Questions

Asking sacred questions such as ‘Who am I? or, Why am I here?’  in the era of the mystic was forbidden until you were given permission by your spiritual leader. Just the act of asking the question triggers radical change that can affect not only the individual asking, but also all those living in community and sharing the energetic environment of the  questioner. A sacred question opens the way to a lighted path and a future that can not be imagined in the innocence [naivety] before it is asked. Spiritual leaders assessed the aspirant’s readiness and were present to monitor, guide and support during the energetic unfolding triggered by the query.
Asking sacred questions reveals possibilities, broadens vision, and widens reality in ways that we cannot imagine…the vibration of a sacred question can create tremendous, and possibly extreme, energetic disruption. That which currently exists in everyday life may no longer be an acceptable state. Bonds that have been an established thread in the fabric of life can be revealed in a brighter light calling for alteration. Priorities we have established may be revealed as opposition to what must emerge. The act of asking a sacred question is an invitation to the refining energy of consciousness to blow through and sweep in a new state of being and perceiving.
Sacred questions help us to better understand our part in the Greater Life and its ongoing Creation.

About Therese

Executive Director, Soul Bridging
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